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Catherine Lehman









Cathy Lehman, Managing Partner
Cathy (at) LehmanMcShane.com| 360-224-8877

Cathy is a city council member, communications specialist, music lover and soccer player. She has more than a decade of experience working in marketing and communications, nonprofit management, issue and candidate campaigns, small business development and progressive politics. She’s passionate about helping women fill positions of power and decision-making in local, state and national office.


Lisa McShane









Lisa McShane, Managing Partner
Lisa (at) LehmanMcShane.com| 360-201-0779

Lisa is a community leader, political strategist, artist and salami maker. She comes from a long line of eastern Washington farmers and has lived with her family in Bellingham for 25 years. Lisa worked for Conservation NW and served as Governor Gregoire’s statewide Field Director in 2008. She’s passionate about electing great people, making sure that communities have a strong voice and conserving Washington’s most important lands.

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